Getting Ready for Capital (GreaC)

Aims and objectives: The project aimed at adapting and transferring to Poland, Belgium and Bulgaria an existing and successful training path developed in Italy, for would-be-entrepreneurs looking for start-up money. The practice, based on both a self assessment tool and training/coaching sessions, will increase the capacities and skills of innovation intermediaries in connecting with and supporting would-be-entrepreneurs in developing a reliable business proposition and effectively presenting it to potential Early Stage Investors The project will also contribute to the skills of would-be-entrepreneurs and their success rates in obtaining early stage capital.
Therefore the project will positively impact on the Polish, Belgium and Bulgarian emerging pre-seed/seed capital market by providing a new training programme for facilitating the match making between entrepreneurs and investors and increasing their changes of  accessing risk capital.

Main tasks and results:

  • To transfer the existing knowledge base developed by META Group in supporting would-be-entrepreneurs and companies in preparing a “bankable” business proposition;
  • To develop a training manual and guidelines for the delivery of the investment readiness programme in the transferee regions
  • To create training toolkit composed of:
  • Regional curricula
  • Delivery and teaching method/material and tools and related teaching notes
  • Assessment methods and tools
  • To train the trainers/coaches in the transferee regions in order to create the skills for the delivery
  • To develop a clear and detailed valorization plan that will enhance the inclusion of the transferred practice within the regional Innovation support offer, including secondary education institutions of the programme

Target groups:
Intermediaries such as RDAs, BICs and Innovation Agencies and and early stage financers (BANs, Seed Funds); would be entrepreneurs and Knowledge based businesses looking for early stage investment

Location: Poland, Belgium and Bulgaria

Project partners:
Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A. w Bielsku-Białej - Poland; Meta Group – Italy; Zernike Group Holding – Netherlands; European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) – Belgium; Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Bulgaria

Budget: 319 150 Euro



Romanian-Bulgarian Services Centre for Microsystems and Nanotechnology - MicroNanoTech

Project Objectives:
To create and develop of a Romanian – Bulgarian  High-Tech Service Centre for Microsystems and
Nanotechnologies (RO-BG MicroNanoTech), based on the cooperation of universities, research institutes and SMEs in the RO-BG cross-border area.
To promote the development of MNTech field in RO-BG cross-border area.
To elaborate a Joint Programme of Activities for the co-operation between universities, research institutes and SMEs in the MNTech field.

Project Results: 
Romanian-Bulgarian Service Centre for Microsystems and Nanotechnologies; Databases on human
and material resources and results obtained in microsystems in RO-BG cross-border area; 2 InfoPoint center one in Bulgaria and one in Romenia;
3 Scientific, technical events(Workshops on various themes, Seminars, Brokerage events) and 3 info events; Participations to joint proposals of research projects; Proposal for Master degree Engineering programs.

Target Group:
 SMEs from the RO-BG crossborder area that are active in microsystem industry - those involved in designing / manufacturing / testing microsystems and those that are using microsystems and nanotechnologies in various applications

Research groups from institutes and universities located in RO-BG crossborder area and focused on research activities about microsystems

Teaching groups from the RO-BG cross-border area that are delivering training courses on microsystems;

Lead partner:
 National Institute for Research and Development for Microtechnology – IMT-Bucharest

Project Partner:
Ruse University “Angel Kanchev”; Calaraşi Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture; Giurgiu Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture; The Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Budget 607.698 EUR (total budget of the action)

Project Donor(s): OP CBC Romania Bulgaria 2007-2013

Duration: 18 months;





ESNC is a leading global network of innovation and expertise in the field of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) with more than 20 regions and 190 industry and research experts around the world.
Since 2004 every year ESNC is looking for people with innovative ideas of service, product, or business innovation that uses satellite navigation in everyday life. The ESNC partner regions and key institutional and industry stakeholders are keen to support those innovators to take the next step with their business case.
In 2012 RCCI is regional organizer of European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) for Bulgaria. As such it has the tas to promote competition, to raise ideas and identify regional winner for Bulgaria., who receives a regional award and has the chance to present his/ her idea at an international forum in Munich. All regional winners compete for the big prize of EUR 20,000 and the opportunity to realize the winning idea as part of a six-month incubation programme in the region of their choice.

In 2012 ESNC gathered 406 ideas, 56% of which are intended for the mass market.

ESNC is funded by Galileo programme, which is the largest industrial EU project with the private sector. Galileo navigation system consists of 30 satellites that provide maximum coverage on the planet.

The main objective is to create and develop a satellite navigation system with civic functions and general world-wide coverage by sending a series of satellites orbiting the Earth and build a network of monitoring stations.
Besides providing a new public service worldwide, Galileo also features unknown to date measuring and positioning accuracy being able to position objects with precision of 2 meters.


Rempart+; Rempart 2020

Project Objectives:
REMPART2020 project aims at establishing a European partner network to make contact between new and host entrepreneurs, in order to pursue further mobility. Built on previous work on projects Rempart and Rempart +, REMPART2020 seeks to ensure successful integration of peripheral regions in Europe, the geographical coverage of the program "Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs".

The main objectives set by the project are to:
• provide an opportunity for first-hand exchange of entrepreneurial skills and experience for new entrepreneurs staying abroad in small and medium-sized enterprises located in another country to facilitate the successful launch and development of their business ideas;
• facilitate and promote the creation of networks for the exchange of experience and information, and cross-cultural training;
• improve access to markets, identify opportunities for partnerships in the EU for new and already established entrepreneurs;
• encourage SMEs in remote areas of the EU to share experiences, training and networking with entrepreneurs from other European countries and regions;

Target groups
Both would-be entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs.
Through the work of intermediary organizations, the project contributes to the initiation and development of at least 40 direct contacts between the recently established, emerging or prospective entrepreneurs and experienced and successful entrepreneurs who will host them in the program.


Duration: from 2010 up to date

Total budget: REMPART+ : 199,990 EUR;   REMPART 2020: 199,860 EUR

Project role: Project Partner and regional intermediary organization from Bulgaria

Project Donor(s): Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs



INNOBRIDGE - Development of a joint model and capacity building of a cross-border business innovation network


Objective of the project: To contribute to the joint development of a sustainable socio-economic cross-border area with favorable image; To bring together people, communities and economies to build an integrated cooperative area exploiting their innovation potential; To stimulate cross-border cooperation between universities, research institutes and businesses through development of a joint model for business innovation network and increase the capacity for a successful cooperation

Location: cross-border eligible area

Results: Two Business and Innovation Centers established in the target cross-border area; BIC staff selected and trained; Common pool of experts created and trained; Integrated service pack, including methodologies; 3-5 innovative project ideas supported Two annual innovation conferences held; Cross-border innovation network established;

Project Partner(s):

  • Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry  (Lead Partner)
  • CCMP Europroject Slatina, Romania

Budget:  304582 EUR

Project Donor(s): OP CBC Romania Bulgaria 2007-2013

Duration:  18 months


Cross Border Cooperation Fairs – CBC Fairs

Objective of the project: To create a network of professional mobile fairs within cross border area which will improve the level of economic and human cooperation and which will prevent the economic and human divergence from this area; Specific objectives: 1. Support the cooperation between SMEs from the Romanian – Bulgarian cross border area; 2. Improve availability and dissemination of information; 3. Sustain the economic development

Location: Cross-border eligible area Bulgaria-Romania

Results: 4 specialized fairs: 1 on agriculture (Romania), 2 on construction (Romania and Bulgaria) and 1 on tourism (Bulgaria); 4 Economic missions; 8 Information seminars; Trade and Fair Cross Border Magazine; Fair Catalog and Fair CDs; Fair News

Project Partner(s):

  • CCMP Europroject Slatina, Romania (Lead Partner)
  • Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • CCI Vratsa

Budget:  1338471 EUR (total budget of the action)

Project Donor(s): OP CBC Romania Bulgaria 2007-2013

Duration:  18 months


Ecotips 2.0 - “Enabling small business to reduce its environmental footprint”

Objective of the project: Ecotips 2.0 is a project designed to transfer an innovative and attractive VET system in conformity with the current need for enhancing the competitiveness of micro businesses and an increasing demand for persons (entrepreneurs, managers, specialists) with vocational training and practical experience who are able to work with environmental issues in SMEs.  This will be achieved through the adaptation and further development existing VET tools. The project will test the adapted toolkit and will make provisions for its multiplication within and beyond the present target group. The major outcome of the project is the adaptation of an innovative, online VET package (EcoTips 2.0), from Belgium to organizations from Bulgaria, Estonia, and Slovenia. The project’s activities will reach out to 400 SMEs from 8 economic sectors.

Results: The results of the project will provide the target group with an attractive, easy to understand, IT-based training material. A total of 60 trained consultants in Belgium, Slovenia, Estonia and Bulgaria will help reduce the ecological footprint of 400 companies and will contribute to national and EU priorities related to VET and environmental sustainability in the community’s pursuit towards a greener economy.

Location: Belgium, Estonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria

Project Partner(s):

  • TIME Foundation (Lead Partner)
  • Groupe One (G1)
  • Eco-Conseil Entreprise scrl
  • Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Notranjska Ecological Center
  • Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre – SEI Tallin

Budget:  282391EUR (total budget of the action)

Project Donor(s): LEONARDO DA VINCI programme, Transfer of innovation

Duration:  24 months



Objective of the project: To improve availability and dissemination of information throughout a joint research center in order to increase the level of economics exchange between Romania and Bulgaria; to sustain the economic development and to identify the best opportunities concerning the human resources development, the areas of economics exchanges, the tendency of the labour market and economics development on short and medium terms in the cross-border area

Location: cross-border eligible area

Results: 1. Research and statistical reports; White books of cross-border cooperation for SMEs (human resources and economics); Information materials (leaflets, brochures), promotional materials; 1 regional Cross-border center; 2 departments of research center in Ruse  and Vratsa; 1 web platform; training seminars for project staff.

Project Partner(s):

  • CCMP Europroject Slatina, Romania (Lead Partner)
  • Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • CCI Vratsa

Budget:  1050600 EUR (total budget of the action)

Project Donor(s): OP CBC Romania Bulgaria 2007-2013

Duration:  18 months



Objective of the project: To improve availability and dissemination of information throughout an IT concept which will allow projects ideas development and access to special tailored information concerning programs, projects and partners from the cross-border area; to sustain the economic development and to identify the best opportunities concerning the development of viable partnership throughout the potential applicants from cross-border area; social and cultural coherence strengthened by cooperative action between people and community, between community and organizations and governmental and nongovernmental institutions inside and outside cross-border area.

Location: cross-border eligible area

Results: ProConcept IT platform; Data-base with Organizations, institutions, NGOs and people; 12 Information seminars; 8 training sessions; Information materials (leaflets, brochures), promotional materials; 2 press- conferences.;

Project Partner(s):

  • CCMP Europroject Slatina, Romania (Lead Partner)
  • Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • CCI Vratsa

Budget:  890,605 EUR (total budget of the action)

Project Donor(s): OP CBC Romania Bulgaria 2007-2013

Duration:  18 months


PRO-TOUR - PROmotion of TOURism through Flexible Business Support

Project : 2(3i)-3.1-5 PRO.TOUR - PROmotion of TOURism through Flexible Business Support

Overall objective:
• Introduction of innovative solutions and developing models for long-term sustainable economic development;
Specific objectives:
• to improve the social and economic status of the local population and strengthen the comparative advantages of the region;
• to identify the training needs and to adapt them to the supply of such services;

Target groups:
Operators in tourism disadvantaged groups to engage in the labor market in tourism

Expected results:
Study of the tourism sector, improved competences of local operators and disadvantaged groups, web-based database of tour operators; Improved business contacts, increased popularity of the region, enhanced attractiveness of the local tourism sector;

Lead Partner: Association for economic development – Svishtov, Bulgaria;

Partners: Constanta Maritime University – Romania, Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Bulgaria, Center of Consultancy and Project Management – EUROPROJECT, Romania; Pleven Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Bulgaria

Location: cross border region

Funding: Romania - Bulgaria Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013

Budget: 452 246,24

Project duration: 16 months


ENVICONTEH - Integrated systems of monitoring and controlling wastewater, the quality and security of textile products commercialized in Romania and Bulgaria

Objective of the project: Establishing a joined short, medium and long-term strategy specific to the cross-border area in the field of environmental protection, natural resources efficient valorization and for the promotion of some modern technologies that should assure a sustainable development of the area. Development of common systems for monitorization and control for environmental protection. Development of common informational and promotional materials on environmental protection in the
cross-border area

Location: cross-border eligible area

Project Partner(s):

  • The National Research & Development Institute for Textiles and Leather - ROMANIA (INCDTP) (Lead Partner)
  • ACADEMY OF ECONOMIC STUDIES -  Research Centre for “Regional Analyses and Policies”, Bucharest, Romania
  • Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Business Support Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises – Ruse

Budget:  725,761 EUR (total budget of the action)

Project Donor(s): OP CBC Romania Bulgaria 2007-2013

Duration:  18 months



Objective of the project: Fostering the cross-border cooperation through developing a network of regional cross-border info-centres on the both sides of the border, located in Slatina, Alexandria, Giurgiu, Vratsa and Ruse and establishing relations between these centres and those already established.

Location: Slatina, Alexandria, Giurgiu, Vratsa and Ruse

Results: 1000 marketing surveys were analyzed and printed out in order to announce the results from the project and underlining the market needs.  Five workshops were organized in Slatina, Giurgiu, Alexandria, Ruse and Vratsa. Five cross-border centers were established. Different brochures and leaflets were distributed in the target region.

Project Partner(s):

  • Consulting and Project Management Centre Europroject - Slatina, Olt  - (Lead Partner)
  • Scoala de Afaceri a CCIR filiala Alexandria – Romanian Business School of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Teleorman branch, Romania; Employers’ organization – Association of SMEs, Giurgiu, Romania; Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vratsa

Budget: 148 950 EUR (16 655 for RCCI)

Project Donor(s): PHARE 2005 CBC Romania – Bulgaria

Duration: September 2007 – December 2008



Objective of the project: To build the capacity of environmental NGOs from Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia to establish working partnerships with business organizations and public authorities for participation in the implementation of environmental policy; transfer know-how and best practices from EU 25 for cooperation between environmental NGOs, business and public authorities, develop practical skills of 3 environmental organizations for participation in the implementation of environmental policy, through increasing business-NGO-public authorities collaboration. During the training periods representatives of the three ecological and business organizations establish joint initiatives for further cooperation.

Location: Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Belgium

Results:  Increased skills of the team members for building NGO – business partnerships for the implementation of the environmental policy. Thirty organizations members with increased capacity for building NGO – business partnerships and ability for implementing environmental legislation.

Project Partner(s):

  • TIME foundation, Bulgaria (Lead Partner)
  • Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bulgaria);
  • Group One (Belgium);
  • Mare Nostrum (Romania),
  • Association of SMEs – Constanza  PIMM(Romania)
  • Proaktiva (Macedonia)

Budget: 43 919 EUR (5697.75 for RCCI)

Project Donor(s): EuropeAid

Duration: 12 months, January 2008 – December 2008


Young Entrepreneurs Support for Cross - Border Business Cooperation - YES FOR CBBC

Objective of the project: To promote and support the durable economic development of the cross-border area (county of Olt, the regions Ruse and Vratsa), through improvement and increment of the cross-border cooperation at an enterprise level. The specific object of the project is to support and consolidate forces of young entrepreneurs from the cross-border region; to foster their cooperation in order to identify cross-border initiatives through maximizing information access and establishing and developing partnerships between the two regions. One of the important results is the common data base of experts who offer assistance and consultancy to new developing companies or to young entrepreneurs in order to develop and improve their management qualities. This serves as a web instrument which assures a permanent link between the cross-border entrepreneurs.

Location: Cross-border eligible area

Results: 1 Association of Young Entrepreneurs from cross-border region established; 3 local offices open of this association; Conducted research and report regarding the enterprising and innovation among the young entrepreneurs; 300 young entrepreneurs participated in the project events; 1 experts data base developed;

Project Partner(s):

  • CCMP Europroject (Lead Partner)
  •  Chamber of commerce and industry Vratsa; Ruse Chamber of commerce and industry; YEAR SWO – Young Entrepreneurs Association from South West Oltenia region

Budget: RCCI 12 400 EUR

Project Donor(s): PHARE RO2006/018-445.01.02.10

Duration: 15 months - 07.08.2008 – 06.11.2009


SMEXHIBITION - The network for promoting the cross - border events

Objective of the project: To support the development of the economic cohesion of the Romanian-Bulgarian area (Olt country, Ruse, Vratsa region) through creation of a web network for promotion of border events (fair, exhibitions, seminaries, diverse other events), thus improving information access and encouraging development of partnership among organizations situated on both sides of the border.

Location: Cross-border region - Slatina (RO), Ruse and Vratsa (BG),


  • Catalogue with information about all the events (exhibitions, fairs, seminaries, etc.) with cross-border impact
  • Developed website of the project action

Project Partner(s):

  • RCCI (Lead Partner)

   - Europroject,  CCI Vratsa

Project Donor(s): PHARE RO2006/018-445

Duration: 12 months


Generators of ideas

Objective of the project: The objective of the project is to be created a model of successful practice for widening and improving the curriculum.
Location: Ruse

-   All high schools were informed about the following entrepreneurship training. Brochures and  posters with the name of the project and short information about the activities were disseminated;
-      21 students were trained in basic entrepreneurship skills  and their knowledge  was increased;
-      21 sets of materials were given to the participants;
-      A final press conference for announcing the final results of the project was held.

Project Partner(s):

  • RCCI (Lead Partner)

Budget: 6 722 BGN

Project Donor(s): Ruse Municipality

Duration:  3 months


Summer eco-academy

Objective of the project: The objective of the project was to create a model of successfull practice for widening and improving the curriculum according to the European standards.
Location: Ruse

-      20 students trained in “green” entrepreneurship skills;
-      2 field trips at the premises of companies with best eco-practice in the region;
-  1 eco-conference held at the Professional high-school of economics and management for awareness raising among the students
-     Individual course project development skills acquired

Project Partner(s):

  • RCCI (Lead Partner)

Budget: 3490 BGN

Project Donor(s): Ruse Municipality

Duration:  4 months


Eco-force: Joint actions for eco-responsible cross-border SMEs

Objective of the project: To increase the awareness on the environmental protection and management in the cross-border area between Romania and Bulgaria. The aim is to promote a nature-friendly behaviour among some of the biggest polluters of the environment – the economic operators and in particular SMEs, based in the cross-border region. The objective will be achieved through the implementation of a major awareness raising campaign to stimulate businesses contribute to  enhancing the natural endowments of their region, change their attitude and exercise greater care in use of the natural resources, the waste generation and disposal. The action will use various tools and communication techniques to raise awareness on three levels: company management, company employees and sector associations, thus synchronizing the efforts of all actors, concerned for maximizing the effect from the action. Within the project a joint cooperation network for building capacities will be developed. It will serve as a place where resources will be shared and best practices and experience in environmental management will be exchanged in order to be equally accessible by eligible beneficiaries of both countries.

Location: cross-border eligible area

Results: awareness on the environmental protection and management in the cross-border area will be increased; nature-friendly behaviour among some of the biggest polluters of the environment will be promoted

Project Partner(s):

  • RCCI (Lead Partner)
  •  BRCCI, Association for Sustainable Development  Slatina, “Romanian Ecological Action” Foundation, Idein Society

Budget: 371 931.40 EUR

Project Donor(s): OP CBC Romania Bulgaria 2007-2013

Duration:  18 months



The objective of the project: The activities, carried out over the territories of the two Municipalities Borovo and Dve mogili, aimed at fostering the entrepreneurship through organizing training sessions and providing consultancy services to newly established SMEs. In the target group were included 20 long-term unemployed people as well as other unemployed people registered in the Local Labour Office and residents of the two municipalities. Five newly established SMEs were also included.

Location: Borovo and Dve mogili Municipalities

Results:  20 people were trained and acquired entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. With the help of the consultants they managed to write business plans which are ready to be implemented after the project completion.  As a result of the project new businesses were established which contributed to improvement of the socio-economic environment in that less-developed rural region by providing access to small business services, laying down conditions for decrease of unemployment rate among the groups in risk on the labour market.
SMEs were consulted on different topics chosen after careful research and survey for the needs of every small company from the target group.
As a result of the project the companies acquired knowledge and skills on how to use informational technologies in order to obtain specific economic and market information as well as information about funding and consultancy on line of the people from the target region. The business environment of the region Borovo Dve mogili was further developed by creating a website for providing support to the local entrepreneurs.

Project Partner(s):

  • Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Lead Partner)
  • Local governments of Borovo and Dve mogili (Associated Partners)

Budget: 48 462 BGN

Project Donor(s): National Employment Agency in loan agreement with the World Bank

Duration: December 2007 – July 2008



Objective of the project:
To contribute to fostering the entrepreneurship among the population in active age in the Ruse Region. Supporting of women – potential entrepreneurs interested in starting and managing their own business.

Location: Ruse

Supported 28 unemployed and employed women to start own business. 
Acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills in entrepreneurship
Improved ability for employment and realization on the labour market

Project Partner(s):

  • NCVT (Lead Partner)
  • RCCI

35 593 EUR

Project donor(s):  
Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

Duration: April 2007 – January 2008


Establishing a Business Support Centre for Women Entrepreneurship

Objective of the project:
Establishing a small business development center within Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) as a specialized department providing training, education, practical work with customers, consultancy and support their better access to financing in order to start their business or work as craftsmen. RCCI has a long-lasting tradition in providing services to SMEs and recently has opened local branch office of the National Vocational Training Center. There are also experienced advisors and trainers, some of them with a practical experience in MBDC in USA. The model that was studied at Atlanta MBDC, within South DeKalb Business incubator will be adapted to the conditions and specifics of the local Bulgarian social, cultural and economic environment.

Location: Ruse

Establishment of small business centre for development in the structure of RCCI aiming at encouragement of women enterpreneurship

Project Partner(s):

  • RCCI (Lead Partner)
  • NCVT

Budget:   21 740 USD

Project Donor(s):
US Embassy to Bulgaria: Democracy Commission Small Grants Program

Duration: August 2005- July 2006



Objective of the project: To raise the capacity of civil society to actively contribute to the EU accession process and the implementation of the Acquis Communautaire and Bulgarian Legislation, related to environmental management, through the support of governmental initiatives;   to build the capacity of NGOs, SMEs and Local Authorities for the effective EMAS implementation, as well as raising the awareness of public and private sectors about the importance and the benefits of EU voluntary instruments for environmental management (EMAS) in Bulgaria   

Location: Ruse, Bulgaria

Strengthen capacity of civil society through 4 workshops (2 for SMEs and 2 for the local authorities); an official website for EMAS created; wide media campaign, survey and analysis of the needs of the stakeholders.

Project Partner(s):

  • Time Foundation (Lead Partner)
  •  Ministry of Environment and Waters of Bulgaria, ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Regional Association of Municipalities “Central Stara planina”, “Green Bourgas” Foundation.

Budget: 45 786 EUR

Project Donor(s): EU PHARE Programme BG 2004/016-711.01.01 Civil Society Development

Duration: November 2006 - May 2008


Regional Strategy for Development of Human Resources in the Borovo-Dve mogili Region

Objective of the project: Raising capacity in Municipality administrations of Borovo and Dve mogili Regions, Ruse District and local social partners for elaboration of Regional Strategy for human resource development which has to ensure implementation of proper policies, aiming at improvement of their quality – key factor for increasing the competitiveness of the local economies

Location: Borovo and Dve mogili Municipalities

The project resulted in elaboration of a Regional strategy for human resource development in the region Borovo - Dve mogili. The strategy is harmonized with the European and national strategic and planning documents for human resource development. The document is disseminated in the region in order to facilitate the local government bodies when applying for funding from European social fund of policies for human resource development.

Project Partner(s):

  • RCCI (Lead Partner)
  • Borovo and Dve mogili Municipalities (Associated Partners)

Budget: 38 300 BGN

Project Donor(s):  “Active services on the labour market” Programme of National Employment Agency

Duration: January 2007 – June 2007



Objective of the project:
The objective of the project is establishment of Regional centre for vocational training of employees of apparel and leather industries in Ruse, licenced for 15 professions and specialities in both branches, which will service the companies in North Central Planning Region and the neighboring districts Silistra and Razgrad.

Location: Ruse, Bulgaria


  • Institutional development of VET centre
  • Coordination of renovation works, specifications and procurement of the main machines and technology lines for equipping the Centre

Project Partner(s):

  • The Professional High School for Clothing “Nedka Ivan Lazarova” – Ruse (Lead Partner)
  • RCCI, NCVT, Branch Union of Light Industry Producers – Ruse, Branch Union of Leather and Leather Goods Leather Footwear Industry - Bulgaria

141 358 EUR

Project Donor(s):
Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

Duration: December 2006 – 31.03.2008


University Science and SMEs in Ruse Region (USSMERR)

Objective of the project:
To bring the researchers of Ruse University closer to the business and socio-economic reality of the region: SMEs and their managers on one hand, students, citizens and studying and presenting the SME needs in terms of innovative ways to solve technological problems by using the local scientific potential in order to better match the scientific potential and the scientific needs for economic growth in the region, on the other hand. This will also lead to involving students in real life projects that will help them create contacts with local SME managers and become their employees after graduating the University. A large audience of citizens of various ages will be involved in the discussions foreseen during the implementation of the project: starting with school students, then University students and professors, company managers.

A special attention in the discussions is given to the e-learning as an innovative form for improving the capacity and qualification of the SMEs’ staff. A Business& Science Club will be established to encourage the academic people and company managers to match and work together. Special attention will be given to the work with the journalists in order to catch their interest on the existing problems and also to make them promote the good practices.

Location: Ruse


  • Implementation of e-learning as innovative form for improvement the capacity and qualification of the SMEs’ staff
  • Establishment of Business Science Club for encouragement of people from the academic field             and company’s managers in cooperation

Project Partner(s):

  • RCCI (Lead Partner)
  • RU “Angel Kanchev” and   Regional Youth Centre (Associated Partners)

20 865 euro

Project Donor(s):
FP6-2004-Mobility 13- SSA of the European Commission

Duration: June 2005- January 2006